Summer 2020 will be very different for all of us. In light of the challenges that COVID-19 poses and in response to the needs of our community Einstein's Workshop has decided to launch a two-fold program - A virtual and Workshop program. We feel confident that we can conduct this programming safely through the guidance provided by the state, EEC and Board of Health. Unfortunately this does mean that there will be significant changes to our program, as well as a title change, highlighted below:

Changes in Summer 2020

  • There will be two programs: A Virtual Program and a Workshop Program
  • Neither program, alone, will provide a full day of content
  • All other sites including North Andover and Newton are closed
  • There is currently a significant reduction in # of seats both virtually and in workshop
  • Any of the classes or following procedures could be changed at any time.

Einstein's Workshop Summer Enrichment 2020

Begins June 29th

Summer Catalog

Grade Specific Schedule

Virtual Classes

Minecraft Social Server

Workshop Classes

Schedule Visual Aid

Policies and Procedures

Grade Specific Schedule

Download the latest Summer Classes by grade


Virtual Classes

At the beginning of this crisis we initiated several weeks of free online classes and engagement. The reason we did this was to: 1. to give some comfort and familiarity in an unusual time and 2. to learn what we could about online engagement. We learned a lot, and are are happy to report that with long and thorough discussions about security we did not have a single incident in our public events. Our Virtual classes are staggered, 2 days a week, plus a Friday of activities and games. They are also short, only about an hour or more (depending on age). We believe this is the best format for engagement with our students and should give them something to look forward to.

Virtual Class Details

Morning classes starting at 9:30am attended virtually from home.

  • Format
    • Virtual classes will be held over Zoom
    • Class credentials will be sent Sunday afternoon for that week's events
    • Students will be required to follow the Virtual Class Contract
  • Schedule
    • Virtual Classes will be held for 2 days a week, for 2 weeks - Monday/Tuesday or Wednesday/Thursday.
    • There will also be a Friday "Games and Activities" session for the virtual participants that week (Minecraft will be available!)
    • Classes will have different lengths depending on their grade.
      KNo Virtual Classes
      1 - 39:3010:301 hr
      3 - 59:3010:451 hr 15 min
      4 - 69:3011:001 hr 30 min
      6 - 99:3011:151 hr 45 min
      9:3010:301 hr
      11:0012:001 hr
  • Content
    • Please read the Virtual Catalog Descriptions carefully.
    • Some classes require students to have access to certain technology/apps.
    • Some classes require students to have some limited, simple supplies
  • Price
    • Price varies, increasing by grade from $150 to $262
    • Price includes Friday virtual games and/or Minecraft.

Minecraft Social Servers

Our students love Minecraft and we do too! At the beginning of this crisis many of our staff "tested" several "mods" to make the game work well for our students ("testing mods" really means playing a lot of Minecraft). A huge thank you to Tristen for setting up a great server world which works exceptionally well AND gives us some tools to help manage students just like we were in the classroom.

We have Minecraft Servers! We will be running Minecraft ALL SUMMER and it will be a blast. Students will be able to join our servers and play with their friends safely just like they do at the workshop. This does require that you have Minecraft on your computer so let's explain that first.

  • ** Minecraft JAVA Edition **. You must have this version on a PC, Mac or Linux to play on our servers. To obtain this version go to:
    • Not sure if your computer can run Minecraft? Go to that page and scroll down for System Requirements. Most computers will be able to.
  • Minecraft Username. We will need the student's username so that we can allow them into the servers. It can be entered into their registration.
  • Keyboard and mouse.
  • Basic knowledge of Minecraft Students should know how to move and interact with the Minecraft world on their computer. The teachers will be able to help with in game learning, but they won't be able to help them learn the keyboard controls.

Minecraft Server Details

  • Format
    • There are two servers which will divide students into two grade ranges, Grades 1-4 and Grades 4-8.
    • We are very lenient if students want to join one or the other to be with friends and this can be done by changing their grade in registration.
    • Details on how to join the servers will be delivered via email after students are registered.
  • Schedule
    • There will be Minecraft available every virtual session.
    • Follows the same virtual schedule, 2 days a week for 2 weeks - Monday/Tuesday or Wednesday/Thursday.
    • Also includes a Friday session, though on a different server from their regular schedule.
    • 9:30am - 11:15am
  • Content
    • Students will generally be allowed to do what they want i.e. play survival, creative, build, explore, etc.
    • The same rules apply as do in the workshop and they will be explained to the students on the first day.
    • There are a number of "mods" (game modifications) which help us monitor the students, gives them access to a plot of land that no one can touch, and allows them to move between a Creative and Survival world easily. This may be gobbledygook to some of you but rest's very cool.
  • Price
    • $150 per registration.

Workshop Classes

In person classes are complicated. We decided early on that even if we could try and do it safely, we would not want to host classes at the workshop all day. We also do not want to offer two half days because it effectively doubles the number of students using the same space. However, We also know that kids need to see each other, that the tools we have at the workshop are helpful, and that parents may want a little time off. Therefore we have decided to open for some short and safe in person classes at the workshop. Classes will be limited in time and will require safety procedures to be followed. But if we can all do our part then we firmly believe that we can have a great time safely.

Workshop Class Details

Afternoon classes starting from 12:30pm-1:30pm attended at the workshop.

  • Format
    • Workshop classes are very small, contactless, enrichment style classes.
    • Classes are limited to 5 or 6 students, and 1 teacher.
    • Classes are 2 hours long.
    • Students will have a 30 minute outdoor break during their class (weather permitting).
      • We have designed a number of outdoor, socially distant activities which students will do during their breaks such as: Personality Parade, Paper Olympics, Contactless Mural, Playground Design and much much more! (These activities could also be done indoors on a rainy day)
  • Schedule
    • Classes will be 2 hours a day for 5 days - Monday through Friday.
    • Classes will start at different times in order to help us stagger entry and avoid contact
      K - 212:302:30
      1 - 312:452:45
      3 - 51:003:00
      4 - 61:153:15
      6 - 91:303:30
  • Content
    • We are only running classes which can be done contacless. We removed several classes which required or encouraged contact.
    • The benefit of workshop classes is the access to technology, robots and supplies
  • Safety and Health
    • Please see our full COVID-19 Policies and Procedures manual - Currently under review by the Board of Health.
    • Students and parents will be required to sign and bring the Workshop Class Contract to the first day.
    • Facemasks are required at all times indoors.
    • Social Distancing is required at all times
    • Each classroom will have only 1 class in it each week and students will have assigned seating
    • Students will have dedicated technology and tools for their use.
    • We have a vigorous cleaning and sanitizing protocol which includes the technology and tools used every day
    • There will be no snacks or food allowed or offered on site.
      • If this would prevent a student from attending, please contact us to discuss options

Schedule Visual Aid

Here is an example of how the Virtual Schedule and the Workshop Schedule work together. Virtual Classes are spread out over two weeks, Workshop Classes are a complete week.

Virtual Classes - Morning (AM)

  • Virtual Class 1: Mon/Tue
  • Virtual Class 2: Wed/Thu
  • Virtual Games and Activities for both Classes: Fri

Workshop Classes - Afternoon (PM)

  • Workshop Class 1
  • Workshop Class 2
Week 1AM
Week 2AM

Details and Procedures

COVID-19 Policies and Procedures (currently under review by the Board of Health). Until we get them fully integrated, these procedures supersede the standard Policies and Procedures.

Virtual Class Contract

Workshop Class Contract

Standard Policies and Procedures

This camp must comply with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and be licensed by the local Board of Health.