Looking for some fun and education for your student's school Holiday?

For Vacations and Holidays we offer One Day Workshop and Week Long drop-off Programs. Programs are offered in half days - AM & PM. See below for current registration opportunities and be sure to check out the Program Overview and Details and Procedures for more information.

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Week Long Program

  • Students will sign up for a single class which will meet everyday for a week. The class will meet either in the AM or the PM session. If you wanted to attend All Day for the Week Long Program then you would sign up for an AM class and a PM class.


  • A Workshop will meet only once (AM or PM). This most often applies to a School Holiday day in which case you would register for either an AM session, a PM session or both for All Day. Occasionally there will be Workshops for a full week. If you wanted to attend a week of Workshops then you would register for a class each day, AM or PM, or both for All Day.


The day is divided into two Sessions, AM and PM. Each session is 3 hours long and is registered for independently.


Morning Session
9:00am - 12:00pm 


Afternoon Session
1:00pm - 4:00pm


All Day
Sign up for a Morning AND an Afternoon session to attend All Day
All Day students will attend from 9:00am - 4:00pm with a lunch period at noon. 

Students attending Classes, Week Long Programs, and Workshops can be Dropped Off by their parent/guardian for the duration of their registered session. Students being dropped off must follow these policies.


Students must be registered and paid for a specific class, time and duration before the beginning of the first day. Students will be able to attend classes only during the time that they are registered.


An adult parent or guardian MUST accompany their student, regardless of age, into the facility to Sign-in. Upon Sign-in the guardian will also inform staff who will be Signing-out their student. The guardian or pick-up adult must be at Einstein's Workshop by the end of class and must enter the building to Sign-out their student.

/Sign-out Schedule:

  • AM session students may be dropped off at 8:45am and must be picked up by 12:00pm.
  • PM session students may be dropped off at 12:45pm and must be picked up by 4:00pm.
  • All Day students may be dropped off at 8:45am and must be picked up by 4:00pm.

Snack and Lunch

During a 3 hour session (Week Long Programs and Workshops) students will have a break during the session in which they can eat a snack. For these sessions please pack a *Nut Free* snack and water/beverage for the student.

If a student is signed up for All Day (an AM and PM session) then the students will have snack during each session AND a lunch at noon. For a student attending All Day please pack *Nut Free* snacks, beverages and a lunch for the student.

*Nut Free Facility

Due to the prevelance of nut, tree-nut and peanut allergies among children age K-8, we have chosen to be a Nut Free Facility. ALL FOOD, snacks, lunches and beverages should be completely free of nuts. Failure to provide nut free food may result in the child being moved to a seperate area while eating and notification of the parent/guardian.

Safety and Responsibility

During registration the parent/guardian will provide a telephone number in case of emergency. Guardians should be available to recieve contact from Einstein's Workshop at any time while their student is at Einstein's Workshop.


Einstein's Workshop is not responsible for any student's items or objects. Students should not bring any toys or other valuables to Einstein's Workshop. Items found at Einstein's Workshop will be stored in the Lost in Found which is donated to charity once every month.

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