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What is a Role Playing Game - RPG?

An RPG is a game wherein players take on the persona and narrative of a character in a fictional world. These games can be played through writing, verbal storytelling or physically. Most people think of the verbal type when they think of an RPG such as Dungeon's and Dragons.


Role Playing at Einstein's Workshop

•  Teamwork  •  Creativity  •  Social Play  •  Problem Solving  •

The goal of the Role Playing Club at Einstein's Workshop is to give students a fun, safe, and structured place to explore imaginative play in a social setting. Students will be challenged to use teamwork and problem solving skills through narrative story telling and will be provided opportunities for creative development as they build and explore as a group.

Terms and FAQ

  • What is the DM or Dungeon Master? The person who organizes and oversees the game. They conduct the narrative and guide the players through the adventure. In our club, the DM will be a teacher.
  • What Are Dice Used For? Dice are used often to add a randomizing element to games. They are used most often when testing character abilities in the game.
  • Isn't an RPG Just Fighting? A common misconception is that RPGs are all about defeating monsters. In fact, there are often puzzles to solve and places to explore - these elements will be especially present in our campaigns.
  • What If I Miss a Session? We have ways of making sure that students can comfortably miss an adventure and not feel left out, but we do ask for your best possible commitment.
  • Will Players Do Anything Besides Talking? As a maker space, we are going to be looking for opportunities to include makery elements such as scenery building!


Dungeons & Dragons is a social game and rules are an important foundation to good teamwork. Students must be able to follow the rules or they will be asked to disband from the party (leave the game).
  1. The DM Has Final Say: The DM is the absolute authority of the game. They work for the best interest of the group and have final say in any matter. There may come a time when a student does not like a decision, but overcoming curveballs is part of the adventure.
  2. Cooperate With Your Team: RPGs are a team experience. Students must be kind to, and work with, their team. There will be lots of discussions and disagreements and they must all ultimately reach a resolution to move forward.
  3. Be Appropriate: We want everyone to feel comfortable and safe. Inappropriate language and behavior during and apart from the game is not acceptable. Similarly, if anyone at the table is making a student uncomfortable, we encourage them to let us know so we can solve the issue.
  4. Be Flexible RPGs are an ever changing world, nothing is set in stone. Being able to adapt with your character and play is important for success! Being stubborn or difficult creates a negative experience for everyone.

Dungeon Master, Corey

Corey is an avid gamer, fantasy enthusiast, and our resident storyteller. He has experience playing and DMing a number of different RPGs where he's gained knowledge which he draws upon to infuse into his worlds with a variety of unique places and characters. He has a degree in Theatre Arts and Design and spends much of his time making props, molds, and makeup. Corey can often be found around Einstein's Workshop showing off his medieval armor or dueling students with his collection of Boffer Swords.


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Role Playing Club
Ages Grades 4 - 8
# Students A minimum of 3 students and a maximum of 6
Time Sundays, 3:30pm to 5:30pm
Pricing $275

New Dungeon's & Dragons style Campaign
Begins October 6, 2019

As the story goes...

The Old World

The Exodus is so far in the past that even the oldest of the Free Folk learned of it from their grandparents. So many generations have passed since then, that the story is fading into legend. But the story is usually told thusly:

In the Old World, there was much strife. Wars and battles were fought between peoples of different regions, different cultures, and different ways of life. Dangerous creatures of Old wandered the lands and evil magic whispered from the shadows spreading fear and malice. For an age, The Great Ones were unwilling to involve themselves in the squabbles of the small folk and kept themselves separate, distant. By the time they realized that their world was crumbling, it was too late. By then the world itself seemed to seethe at the conflict, and the Earth and the Sky shook and raged with such power that even the dead arose. Many lives were lost before The Fleet was finally built and set asail into the unknown, away from the horrors of the Old World.

When the cliffs of new land, which came to be called Sanctuary, were spotted, The Great Ones convened. It was decided that the troubles that tore the Old World apart needed to be quelled and the grudges set aside, and that the Great Ones could not sit idly by any more. Aided by their considerable power, they united the peoples in working together in order to prevent the mistakes of the past from repeating. Cultural differences were acknowledged and celebrated, and the things that made each endure and thrive became their place in Sanctuary. And so the golden age of Sanctuary began and lasted for many lifetimes.

… So the story goes. There are whispers, though, arguing that the golden age is coming to an end. The Great Ones are starting to withdraw again, the long drought that has been afflicting the farmland is making resources scarce, and it’s said that some folk are privately delving into old magics that were forbidden for good reason.

It has been decided that an expedition to the Old World is to be mounted. You have been retained as members of one of the expeditionary forces, tasked with determining if returning to the Old World is feasible and how to best go about re-settling if it is. Though your group has been well equipped for the journey, your support from Sanctuary will be limited. Once you land, you are expected to get what you can from the land itself and to handle whatever dangers may await you. Good luck.