Maker Studio

Welcome to the Einstein's Workshop Maker Studio. Learn all about our club and how to join!

What is Maker Studio?

Maker studio is an opportunity for students to work on their own hands-on, makery projects using tools and technology at Einstein's Workshop. Students in the course will:
  • Have the opportunity to work on projects as they would like.
  • Work by themselves or in groups.
  • Work on activities and projects with the instructor to further their knowledge and experience.
  • Encouraged to learn from each other and use the internet as a resource to drive their learning.
  • Learn how to lay the ground work for a project and see it through.


  • 3D Printing with BlocksCAD and Intro to Being a Maker.
  • Must be self motivated and curious about making.

Supplies and Additional Costs

A reasonable use of supplies is included in the cost of the Club - reasonable assumes that projects use supplies which we have in-house and the projects are a reasonable size and complexity - Think something that would appropriately fit on a table, shoebox size. Projects which are large or require additional supplies - especially cost prohibitive items such as LED strips, electronics, special materials etc. - are not supplied. These supplies can be purchased by the parent and brought to class or can be ordered through Einstein's Workshop and we will assess a fee. Einstein's Workshop will never order supplies on your behalf without first confirming price and quantity with you.

What Supplies, Tools and Technology Can Be Used?

The tools and technology we have are:

Computers, 3D Printers, Small CNC Router, 80watt Laser Cutter, Vinyl Cutter as well as standard hand tools, Screwdrivers, Hammers, Clamps, Adhesives, etc.

*Safety Note: We want students to learn as much as they can about high tech tools. However some tools, such as the Laser Cutter, can only be used by adults 18 years and older. Other tools such as the 3D printer and vinyl cutter we will teach students to use as time and safe instruction allows.

The supplies we have in stock are:

Foam, cardboard, plywood, acrylic, and paints...
Wire, buttons, switches, LEDs and other small electronics...
Constructions paper, googly eyes, pins, pipe cleaners, tissue paper and straws...
Hot glue, cold glue, glue sticks, several kinds of tape and various adhesives,
Nails, screws, velcro, 3mm bolts and nuts...
Pens, pencils, paper, rulers, paper cutters, protractors, compass and calipers...
And much much more...


Safety is absolutely paramount at Einstein's Workshop. Students will be instructed in the safe use of all of our tools and equipment before they can use them. And many of the maker activities will not involve the use of hand tools, such as 3D printing, laser and vinyl cutting, etc. However, there is always a risk of small burns and cuts when using tools and adhesives.

Register Now!

Maker Studio
Ages Grades 5 - 8
Requirements 3D Printing with BlocksCAD
Intro to Being a Maker
Time Saturdays, 3:00pm to 4:30pm
Pricing $275