Welcome to the Einstein's Workshop Coding Club. Learn all about our club and how to join!

What is Coding Club?

Coding Club is a group of like minded students who enjoy developing their coding skills. Students in the course will:
  • Have the opportunity to work on projects as they would like.
  • Work by themselves or in groups.
  • Work on activities and projects with the instructor to further their knowledge and experience.
  • Encouraged to learn from each other and use the internet as a resource to drive their learning.
  • Learn how to lay the ground work for a project and see it through.


  • At least one: Learn to Code: JAVA Graphics or Python
  • Must be self motivated and curious about coding.

What about Equipment?

Students are encouraged to have their own laptop in Coding Club. This way students can continue working and learning in their own time. It will also help them to learn how to install and manage a coding environment of their own. If a student does not have their own device then we will provide one.

What Language?

Beginning in the 2019-2020 school year we will be supporting work in JAVA. However we do not discourage students who may work in Python and can learn JAVA as they go. We don't technically discourage any coding language, but it's easier if everyone is working in the same language.

Lead Programmer, Tristen

Tristen has been working at Einstein's Workshop for many years as a programming instructor, curriculum developer, and IT (of course he got stuck with IT). His favorite language is JAVA and his favorite food is Ramen. Tristen has been teaching a highly successful coding club since 2018 and loves to work with students interested in diving into their code.

Coding Club
Ages Grades 6 - 8
Requirements At least one:
Learn to Code: JAVA Graphics
Learn to Code: Python
Time Saturdays, 4:30pm to 6:00pm
Pricing $275

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