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Einstein's Workshop is currently closed. Please check back in January for Summer Camp 2021.

Birthday Parties

Einstein's Workshop has a number of awesome Birthday Parties for all ages! Come build a Lego model, play on a social Minecraft server, or just hang out and build awesome things with your friends!

Each Party Package includes:

  • 2 Hours of Party Time- Generally 90 minutes of play and 30 minutes of food/cake etc.
  • 2 Party Assistants
  • Exclusive use of the Party Room
  • Complimentary basic paper plates, napkins, cups, and utensils
Available Time Slots

Saturdays & Sundays
 10:15 AM - 12:15 PM
 12:45 PM - 2:45 PM
 3:15 PM - 5:15 PM

Book Your Party!

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Building Party

Come play your way in our drop-in our space!
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Our basic party package includes 2 hours on party time in the drop-in space (open to the public) and exclusive use of the party room. Create and build with a number of creative and popular STEM toys such as LEGO, K'nex, ZomeTool, MagnaTiles, Kapla blocks, Anchor Stone blocks, and more!

This party is GREAT for all kids ages 5 to 12. Especially if you want a free play experience where kids can figure out what they want to do.

  Building Party
Ages All Ages!
5 - 12 Recommended
Pricing $350 up to 10 Guests
$15/Additional Guest
20 Guest Maximum

Party Add Ons

Bring a little STEM to the party with these fun add ons!

These optional Add Ons are the perfect STEMy way to spruce up your kid's special day. Choose from one of the activities. Some activities are totally free and add a little structured activity to your party. Some have an additional cost so your guests can take home and show off their awesome projects! Activities range from 30 to 90 minutes depending on group size - any additional time can be spent as free play in the drop in space.

**Hover or click on pictures for descriptions

Free Activities

Lego Cars
Lego Cars

Learn how to build cars with reduced friction for maximum speed! Then make your own custom cars and race them across the workshop.

Tower Building
Tower Building

Challenge yourself and your friends to build giant towers and sturdy bridges! And of course, watch them tumble at the end.


Take Home Activities

Ages 5-12
Build a catapult with popsicle sticks and tape to launch pompoms!
Candy Engineering
Ages 5-12
Build a structure from candy. Build strong, build tall, and test on an earthquake simulator!
Jittering Bugs
Jittering Bugs
Ages 7-12
Learn how to wire a micromotor to a battery and make a bug that dances and jitters!
LED Fairies
LED Fairies
Ages 7-12
Learn how to turn on an LED with a battery and make your own custom fairie or creature!
LED Light Swords
LED Light Swords
Ages 5-12
Learn how to turn on an LED with a battery and make your own light sword!
Straw Rocket
Straw Rockets
Ages 5-12
Make an awesome small rocket that launches with the power of your lungs.

  Free Activities Take Home Activites
Ages All Ages!
5 - 12
Most 5 - 12
See Descriptions
Pricing Free
No Take Home
$5 Per Participant
Take Home The Projects!
$50 Minimum


Bring Your Own Activity

Have an idea for an activity you would like to do? Let us know! We will work with you to see if it is possible. We have had all kinds of interesting and fun activities done at Einstein's Workshop. You provide the materials and expertise, our Mentors will be glad to help you!

Warning: Some science may be too dangerous or sticky for our workshop. You must discuss with us the details of your activity before the party. We reserve the right to stop any activity at any time for any reason.

Premium Party

Minecraft LAN Party

Gather your friends for a group adventure in the same Minecraft world!
Minecraft Party Banner

Play Minecraft with all of your friends in the same room! You get exclusive use of the Einstein's Workshop "Minecraft Lab" for up to 90 minutes of play. Einstein's Workshop staff will set up a server and help all of the party goers join. The server is monitored by the staff and they can help in the world too!

Type Minecraft LAN Party
Ages 10 and up
Pricing $400 up to 10 participants
$25/additional guest
14 guest Limit